The sharp looking firm.

  • Client: Daoust Siroy
  • Year: 2019
  • Project type: Agency

Take a quick tour of the law firms in your area and you'll see that design and brand identity aren't necessarily high on their list of priorities. Daoust Siroy asked us to develop a flexible brand platform that could adapt to their growth. We were more than happy to help them stand out from the crowd, not just a little.

  • Branding
Logo monogramme élégant de la firme d’avocats Daoust Siroy, conçu par Orkestra, mettant en vedette des lettres DS entrelacées en ton cuivre sur un fond bicolore.

A striking symbol.

Each angle is calculated.

Carte d'affaire close up DSR

Look, it's shiny.

Copper edges reminiscent of prestigious law books.

Diagonal stripes define the system.

We're crazy about bronze!

The official seal.

Lawyers in motion, like their logo.

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