That's a fine crowd

Halfway between a family, a cult and an incomparable team. Here, you take out the trash despite 20 years' experience, and you have a say in projects from day one. We prefer not to take ourselves too seriously. Interested?

Copresident Partner

Alex Van Dieren

Copresident Partner

Colin Laramée-Plouffe

Director - Orkestra Production Partner

Frédérique Dumont

Creative Director Partner

Sacha Lauzier-Bonnette

Client Services Director

Justine Penaud

Senior Account Director

Christine Lajoie

Artistic Director

Rémi Allen

Senior Artistic Director

David Julien

Senior Artistic Director

Jonathan Crevier

General Manager Brewfest & FHG

Andréane Leblanc

Experiential Director

Émilie Séguin

Production Manager

Gaëlle Goulet-Bourdon

Artistic Director

Maxime Lévesque

Artistic Director

Sarah-Jeanne Turgeon

Artistic director

Marine Lavaud

Video Director

Walid Jabri

Video artist / Editer

Jose Fernandez

Production Manager

Natalie Ann Garneau

Operations manager

Vanessa Martin

Account Manager

Jo-Annie Guitard

Account manager

Stéphanie Ricard


Érika Potvin

Artistic director

Julie Puech

Community manager

Noémie Bourgeois

Accounting clerk

Clodine Carle

Be part of the team

If you feel you can make our family photo even better, don't hesitate. We look forward to meeting you.