A career among us

A career among us


Knowing that a new agency seems to open every week, it can be hard to choose. So here's what sets us apart. See if it inspires you.

Everyone by their name.

We'll never be a big agency. Nothing against the model, but it's not our ideal. We want to be able to get you all on the same bus without telling you where we're going. A few high-quality people with a common goal; that's our game plan.

Half clients, half in-house.

We love projects so much that we decided to invest in our own. So one day, we're on a mission to help a client, and the next day, we're the client who needs help. In terms of learning, we haven't found a better recipe yet.

Hands on the wheel.

Because we're a small team and have several internal projects, everyone makes decisions, every day. You have to like having responsibility and making a difference, but it seems that's the case for many of us.

Never halfway.

Petite équipe, grande qualité, plusieurs responsabilités; vous comprendrez que c’est impossible de travailler chez nous à moitié. T’embarques ou non. On n’a pas vraiment de place pour les passagers qui passent le voyage un oeil sur leur téléphone.

Not too serious either.

We're not saving lives, we're really not. So above all, we remember that we do this for fun. Because we like to do great things with good people. It's really no more complicated than that, and simplicity is perfect.