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  • Client: Bobino Bagel
  • Year: 2024
  • Project type: Alliance

"We need real bagels in Gatineau". It was from this initially innocuous phrase that one of our biggest design projects of recent years was born. Bobino Bagel, the Outaouais' first Montreal-style bagel factory. Two years in the making, dozens of iterations and a friendly little bagel that's showing its butt on hundreds of mediums. Don't worry: we've got partners in the kitchen. We manage the identity, the marketing, the customer experience...and we taste!

  • Brand
  • Conception
  • Go-to-market
Façade extérieure de Bobino Bagel.
Packaging et identité de Bobino Bagel.
Illustration de bagel de Bobino Bagel.
Salle intérieure de Bobino Bagel.
Espace caisse et commande de Bobino Bagel.
Employé masculin chez Bobino Bagel, avec logo sur mur.
Architecture extérieure de Bobino Bagel à Gatineau.
Décalques illustratives sur les murs de Bobino Bagel.
Four à bois chez Bobino Bagel.
Espace produit chez Bobino Bagel.
Illustration de deux bagels de Bobino Bagel.

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