The holy words




Be better


Be clear

The holy words




Be better


Be clear


From a distance, one might think that our daily life looks like an eternal happy hour in search of ridiculous ideas. But the idea of remaining interesting, relevant and effective, day after day, is not ridiculous. In fact, it is particularly imposing. So much so, that we believe it is important to put rules in place to give ourselves the best chance of success. After 10 years of reflection, here are the 10 commandments to understand in order to ensure a future collaboration of at least 10 years.


Let us deserve attention. Before deserving trophies.

At the Olympics, we give the gold to the best. In advertising, it may be given to the runner with the best looking shoes, because beautiful shoes are cool. We are not saying that the industry has no judgment. It's just that agencies and clients are pretty good at forgetting that the world doesn't reflect them. Let's not forget who we work for after all.


We can tell each other everything. As long as it's not nonsense.

We may think that agencies are full of pride, but believe us: after years of starting all over again for much more bizarre reasons than our campaigns, we eat resilience for lunch. So yes, opinions on our work are always welcome, as long as they are constructive. Let's not let the mood of the day become an argument, and everyone will be better off tomorrow.


We don't have answers to all the questions. For the good ones, we always figure it out.

No, marketing isn't science. And no amount of "inspiring" quotes can guarantee you success every time. Every problem is as unique as the people you're trying to help. If there is a recipe, it's not in our book. But we have the humility not to know, the thirst to learn and the talent to remember. So rest assured that we will always bring something to the table.


We wear many hats. But never the big head.

We don't really believe in titles. We put them on our business cards for our mothers to be proud of, but that's all. In our house, you take out the trash despite 20 years of experience and you have your say on projects even if you arrived yesterday. Taking ourselves too seriously, we leave that to others who take themselves for others.


Some do it cheaper. Too bad they're doing it badly.

It's amazing how everyone is an expert these days. Even your 23-year-old cousin! Yeah, the one that makes nice $500 videos. If you are even willing to shop for a surgeon at a discount, we should avoid collaborating. If, on the other hand, you appreciate and value a job well done, you will see a clear return on every dollar invested with us. No offense, cousin.


We don't have enough time to waste. Don't waste yours checking up on us.

Have you ever tried to manage traffic on a Monday morning in the city centre, when all traffic lights go off at the same time, knowing that EVERY driver has a very important appointment in 15 minutes? Come and try it. It's called "an agency". We have an incredible dedication to our work, but when we hear "faster", let's just say we want to let the traffic settle itself.


Good ideas do cause vertigo. The others are not up to it.

For as long as we remember, no media outlet has ever devoted a front page story to the incredible story of a "2 for 1" banner with a stock photo and a helium inflated client logo. It seems that to get people's attention, you need new, different and relevant ideas.  We know this is the kind of idea that gives you a stomachache the day before the launch, but never forget that it's a great sign.


We are proud of everything we do. And even more of what we don't.

For every incredible piece that is produced in the industry, there are 350 that make one want to revoke the right to vote. Not every mandate will be perfect, but at the end of the year, we need to have more genius blows than heads slammed. So when it comes to protecting our mental health, it is essential that we be proud of what we do. Even a butcher ends up being disgusted to make sausage.


You want us in your party. And you will always be welcome at ours.

Everyone says they want to be a "partner", but there are some who are less loyal than others. We're not the kind of people you just write once in a while when things are not going well. We're the one who's going to help you move even if it rains. Looking for the answers before you ask the questions. The one you'd even like to invite to your parents' house. And in exchange for that trust, we put you on our V.I.P list ad vitam aeternam.


The day we stop having fun will be our last.